Holy Guinness World Record Batman

by Nikki Fleming
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Saturday the employees of Nexen, an oil and gas company in Canada, decide to dawn the cape and cowl to set a new world record. Not only did they set a new Guinness World Record, but they also raised money for United Way. Back in 1996 Nexen raised over $17 million for United Way and this time they wanted to go bigger and they did. They broke the previous record of 250 people dressed as Batman with 542 people dressed as Batman. Back in 2011 they did the same thing with people dressed as Superman, but were beaten by a company in the United Kingdom.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxsC5htd4h8]

“Nexen’s Calgary United Way campaign theme, From Suits to Superheroes, ties into our values of supporting the communities where we live and work. By working together, Nexen and our employees are helping United Way address its goals of fighting poverty, helping kids thrive and building strong communities.” stated Brian Humphreys, Vice President, Corporate and Government Relations.


Source: News Wire

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