Gotham’s Joker and Possible Crossovers

by Julian Bartlett
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jokerWith Gotham premiering last night on Fox, it seems that the new series has hit the ground running. Quite a few villains were debuted in the first installment. The early outings of Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma were spot on. Also, the plot lines of a young Ivy Pepper and a young Selina Kyle will be enthralling to see unfold. One looming question, even before the premiere, is when and if the Joker will be introduced. When will we see Gotham’s Joker? In my opinion it would have to be a certainty that the Clown Prince of Crime makes his appearance. Maybe not in the first or, fingers crossed, in the second season but this is something that is unquestionable. The Joker is an iconic character that would need to be brought in with a multitude of respect. It can’t just be a slam in the face as to say, “Here you go fans. Now there is nothing left to look forward too.” I think Developer and Executive Producer Bruno Heller is inclined to agree. He recently sat down with Digital Spy to discuss bringing the Joker into Gotham.

“We’re going to wait and get the show up and running [before we meet the real Joker]. We want to get the story right and we want to be tonally right – and then we’ll start thinking about how to bring him in. We will certainly try to surprise people, and maybe even trick people.”

“It’s one of those expectations that everyone will be waiting for, so you can’t just present the guy with a big smile and start telling the story. Not that that would be dull, but that’s one of those opportunities to really start playing with this.”

Having the freedom to drop hints and Easter eggs regarding the Jester of Genocide will be an obvious, no bother way to keep bringing the fans back week in and week out.

It has already been confirmed that early in the Flash and Arrow seasons that a crossover will happen that takes placejla both in Central and Starling City, respectively. With such a vast amount of DC shows coming out this year who’s to say a small screen Justice League couldn’t happen. With Constantine in the mix a JL Dark doesn’t appear to be quite that farfetched. In the Digital Spy interview Heller also shared his thoughts on an expanded DC Universe and how Gotham could possibly fit in.

“We’ll see as we roll on. Precise tone is the important thing in establishing a series, but then you have to see what other shows live in the same universe. Would it be weird if they met up?

“It’s fun for the audience to see that clash, but actually doing it is scary. I hope we do at some point. That’s the beautiful thing about being inside the DC Universe, but we’ll wait and see what pops and what doesn’t.”


Gotham airs Mondays on Fox at 8/7c

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Source: Comicbookmovie and Digital Spy


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