flashAnticipation of the upcoming CW fall television line-up is running on high. The Flash premieres Oct. 7 and Arrow will follow on Oct. 8. With Arrow being such a hit with not only comic book fans, but also the general public, the new Flash series is poised to follow. Executives at CW have been upfront about their excitement surrounding the debut of the Scarlet Speedster pilot. So much so that an early order for more scripts was recently confirmed. Before the pilot even airs the show went from a 13-episode commitment to 16 seemingly overnight. Deadline recently stated,

“Giving any type of order to new broadcast series several weeks before their debut is unusual and comes after both The Flash and Jane had delivered a couple of more episodes, with the CW executives said to be very pleased with that they have seen.”

Back in July The Flash added one of the most recognized villains in Central Cities history. Prison Break star Wentworth Miller was cast as the infamous Leonard Snart. From what I can see from the pilot promos, Weather Wizard appears to make an early appearance. Hopefully this script order has something to do with the recent Arrow casting of Captain Boomerang. Maybe the writers need a little bit longer to introduce the Rogues. This is all just hopeful speculation of course, but I can dream.

The Rogues
Captain Cold
Captain Boomerang
Weather Wizard
Mirror Master
Rogues Classic

When the poster for The Flash came out fans went crazy. Combing over the print with a fine-toothed comb reveals more than a handful of Easter eggs. Queen Consolidated is obviously represented, but if examined a little closer things like Kord Industries and AmerTek can be seen. Maybe the most frenzy-causing piece of the poster is located in the bottom right-hand corner. Etched on the sidewalk in chalk is “Grodd Lives.” It gives me chills just to think about it.



With so much enthusiasm, it’s hard to believe that The Flash won’t be picked up for the full season.

Make sure to catch The Flash Oct. 7 on the CW

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