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SENSATION COMICS has taken a twist this week with Wonder Woman becoming her own pop idol. She once more tries to adapt into another world with a rock star lifestyle displaying all the flaws to being famous.10717578_892917210726525_151571998_n

Sean E. Williams still upholds the clear message of SENSATION COMICS, be yourself. It’s so good to read that no matter what story she’s in, Wonder Woman still struggles to fit in as herself in man’s world without compromising who she is. Although I was not impressed with the attitude of the issue, let alone the tone surrounding Wonder Woman. She did not only look younger but someone how acted that way as well despite still displaying her caring nature. The whole issue poured teenage angst and typical social behaviors which really did not give the comic the strength it deserved. If this was aimed at attracting a younger crowd with popular social aspects, it really didn’t hit the mark at all having only seen it as a typical conflicted story of the popular girl in high school.

10708053_892917300726516_1147353610_nUnfortunately the artwork fails the issue also having none of the detail and depth of the previous issues. The cartoon styled artwork is mostly line work coated in block colors and no shading. Even the backgrounds were left white and empty in majority of the panels. And I haven’t’ even started on the baseness of Wonder Woman’s outfit. A short skirt and jacket felt like a slack rendition of the character when others have accomplished the “rocker” look far better in the past. It was like everything was stripped down to the bare bones of the comic and that was handed out. I was glad to see that she was kept very feminine which is a relief and something I can praise along with the message behind the comic that has been a strong, firm cry of: be yourself.


10579910_892917247393188_369931636_nThe message of strength is still present in this week’s issue. Despite the flaws, Wonder Woman upheld the true idols of friendship and compassion for the people around her. She still preaches that you should be yourself no matter what and to not be ashamed of who you are. I think this is the most positive image for woman and girls of today which is something they need in times of cyber bullying and internet memes.


10711674_892917277393185_1136899991_nWow the lack of artwork is astounding. Coming from some of the most beautifully detailed works we now have poorly colored panels and not even finished backgrounds that have just cheapened this comic. It’s missing that punch that is Wonder Woman in all her godly glory; it really doesn’t make me want to pick this up and keep it in the collection to look at more than once. Coming from the strong stories we have read, I didn’t like the alternative lifestyle change. It made her seem too young and not the woman that her title is all about representing. She’s not a “pop” star, she is an ambassador for her country and I found the story dumbed her down instead of making her a strong role model.


With another issue of SENSATION COMICS done it was not the most inspiring of stories. The alternative lifestyle wasn’t the best fit for Wonder Woman and I don’t see her taking to the stage with a guitar anytime soon. Hopefully she will return to the lasso and sword to protect the world she calls home.




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