Baltimore Comic-Con 2014 Day 3

by Thomas ODonnell
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Baltimore Comic-Con Day 3!

I started out the day doing some last minute shopping while picking up a few more DC Archive editions for under twenty bucks each! I also hit Artist Alley to buy some prints I eyed up the day before. I received a gift from cover artist Dave Bullock, a very cool Rocketeer print! I also hit the mother load when I visited Cavewoman creator and artist Budd Root, five dollar prints! I picked up Wonder Woman vs She-Hulk, Three Stooges meet the Universal Monsters mock movie poster, Batwoman, Harley and Poison Ivy and a Dave Stevens tribute print.

Here is a birds eye view of the con floor. Click here for the complete guest list.

Baltimore Comic Con

Baltimore Comic Con


Baltimore Comic Con 2014

Baltimore Comic Con 2014


There were a number of great cosplays around, some of which are pictured below!


The Riddler and Two-Face
Wonder Woman
Irish Dancer
Iron Man and Black Widow
Jack and Sally Rule 63
Once Upon A Time


Greg Capullo
Poison Ivy
Wonder Woman
Riddler vs Batman
Poison Ivy and Two-Face
Bat Family
Nightwing, Arsenal and huntress
Super family
Superman, Mary marvel, WW and Shazam
Angel (Dr. Who)
Captain America and Thor Rule 63

The nearly four hour costume contest sponsored by was hosted by “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” creator Joel Hodgson and comedian Matt McGinnis. You can see all the great costumes below!











The awesome Bat-Bot hits the streets of Baltimore!

I had a great three days at Baltimore Comic-Con! I’ve attended the last five Baltimore Comic Cons and by far this was greatest one yet! If your looking for a show that is comic focused this is the show for you!

I would like to personally thank, Randy Tischler, The Minions and of course show promoter Marc Nathan.

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