Arrow and The Flash become spin-off parents?

Will Arrow and The Flash become the fathers of a new DC Universe on the CW? The CW may get more than one spin-off from its highly successful Arrow show, with new series The Flash in the mix. In season two of Arrow, CW viewers were introduced to Barry Allen, who, as we all know, becomes DC Comics superhero, The Flash.

The Flash

In episode 9, titled “Three Ghosts,” the mid-season finale showed the origin storyline of how “The Flash” came to be. At that point in the show, most Arrow fans probably thought the introduction of this new superhero meant that he would be a regular on the show—as the CW had done with Smallville. In that show, there were several of the Justice League members that appeared on the show regularly to help the non-caped crusader battle the bad guys during his quest to becoming the full-fledged Superman that he finally did in the series finale.

Oliver Queen and Barry Allen

In Smallville, Oliver Queen and his alter-ego “Green Arrow” was Clark Kent’s bestie and right-hand man in many battles against many villains, including Lex Luthor. This pairing in Smallville gave fans the taste of the masked-superhero-action they were craving with “Green Arrow’s” escapades. But that was not to be the case with the spin-off the CW created for “Green Arrow.”

Instead, the spin-off name was pared down to just Arrow, and the actor selected to play Oliver Queen, was a finer actor with an even finer set of abs, Stephen Amell. The appearance of Barry Allen on the show seems to have been an audition to gauge the response of their viewership, as CW president, Mark Pedowitz confirmed recently.

In an interview with AdWeek, Pedowitz said that both Arrow and The Flash will indeed be used as testing grounds for potential spin-off shows. If responses to certain characters introduced into either of the shows are favorable, then they might be looked at for expansion into the television version of the DC Universe.

The Flash is anticipated to be a very successful show, with Grant Gustin reprising his role as Barry Allen. Whether the two shows will overlap or have guest appearances from characters, such as Felicity Smoak, who had been a possible love interest to Barry Allen in season 2 of Arrow; nothing has yet been confirmed, but fans can certainly dream about it.

Barry Allen and Felicity Smoak

The Flash debuts on Tuesday, October 7th, 8/7c on the CW, while Arrow picks up on its third season on its usual Wednesday slot on October 8th, 8/7c.