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A classic Sensation Comics this week with Wonder Woman helping out her friend Etta Candy against the terrible Ra’s al Ghul. The leader of the League of Shadows has stolen a purple ray device and is now attacking the leading ladies.

10715801_896935173658062_616040715_nWith the retro one shot story, we get an old school issue with authentic actions and classic costumes. As much as the issue brought back some old time memories, Neil Kleid really didn’t hold up that strength in the story. With a random moment in time, Wonder Woman is fighting Ra’s al Ghul and some bizarre “purple ray.” The story lacked a coherent flow and didn’t really explain any reason as to why both Wonder Woman and her partner for the day, Etta Candy, were fighting in the first place. I felt like nothing made sense with Wonder Woman, who then is suddenly tied only to break out after Ra’s leaves the room. Not to mention the peculiar dialogue from all the characters, it just didn’t feel like the classic Wonder Woman I had read from years ago.

10578902_896935133658066_1481326798_nUnfortunately the artwork was also a massive let down in the issue. I know Dean Haspiel was aiming for the 60’s look but really ended up making the princess look more like a prince in most of the panels. With uneven lines and masculine features, the artwork felt clumsy and stiff. Though the colors were a bit more on the modern side, they still fit the classic criteria and at least made the comic pages pop with an enjoyable brightness.


10719302_896935106991402_882504486_nOnly a few positives in this issue which is disappointing from the highly exciting series. Ra’s al Ghul and Boston Brand, aka Deadman, were interesting as they played their parts well: Boston the comic relief and Ra’s the typical slimy villain. I enjoyed the banter between Boston and Wonder Woman as he tried to explain about his ghost status. I loved the bold colors as well it really lifted the artwork and made the characters unique outfits really shine.


10720941_896935203658059_1054454136_nUnfortunately most of this issue was a letdown. The story to start was confusing, not linking events and somehow the side characters stole the spotlight of the story. It was sad because the story also lacked the femininity that past issues had focused on as well. It wasn’t the most exciting issue to read and missed the mark on the old school emotions. The paneling was also far too large and spaced out. Huge sized panels were poorly filled without details and limited dialogue that didn’t tie together any of the events that had been happening. It just seemed like the story was rushed out and not clearly processed into a fight that could have had a major impact. And did anyone look at Wonder Woman’s outfit because shorts are not the best look for an Amazon princess.


The Sensation Comics week’s story was short and strange with Wonder Woman fighting Ra’s for his bizarre purple ray. Thankfully it is only a short story and at least we can hope for another try at the retro look down the line.




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