ARROW: Season 3 Episode 3 Synopsis

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Editor’s Note: All episode synopses contain spoilers. If you do not wish to have the episode ruined for you, do not continue. Otherwise, please enjoy this article!


The third episode of the upcoming third season of The CW’s hit show Arrow is going to be extremely busy. Oliver Queen searches overseas for his younger sister Thea, John Diggle goes on a mission for A.R.G.U.S. to locate Mark Shaw, who fans know better as The Manhunter (Not to be mistaken with the Martian Manhunter or The Manhunters) and Laurel Lance is introduced to the future Wildcat.


Here is the official synopsis:


“OLIVER SEARCHES FOR THEA IN CORTO MALTESE WHILE DIGGLE TRACKS A.R.G.U.S. AGENT MARK SHAW — Oliver (Stephen Amell) decides it’s time for Thea (Willa Holland) to come back to Starling City, so he packs for Corto Maltese, where Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) has traced Thea’s whereabouts. Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) asks Diggle (David Ramsey) to go with Oliver because one of her field operatives, Mark Shaw (guest star David Cubitt), has gone dark in Corto Maltese and she’d like him to look into it. Feeling responsible for Thea’s departure, Roy (Colton Haynes) joins Oliver and Diggle on their journey. Shaw double-crosses Diggle, putting numerous A.R.G.U.S. agents, including Lyla, at risk. Meanwhile, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) meets Ted Grant (J.R. Ramirez), and Felicity adjusts to her new job.”


Season 3 of Arrow premieres on Wednesday Oct. 8th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


Source(s): Comic Book Movie

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