First Look: Captain Cold

by Julian Bartlett

cc bothAfter waiting for months and months The Flash finally premiered tonight on the CW. When the pilot episode leaked online line I found it and could only watch the first seven and a half minutes. As a giant Scarlet Speedster fan I can say the wait was rewarded with nothing less than a spectacular debut. Just hours before The Flash came on the Chief Creative Officer at DC comics, Geoff Johns, gave the fans a first look at Captain Cold. Seeing Leonard Snart in person for the first time evokes incredible anticipation for an appearance of the Rogues.

Captain Cold will be played by Wentworth Miller who previously appeared in Prison Break. The traditional parka, sunglasses, and the cold gun definitely gave a nod to the classic comic book look and feel. With so much positive buzz surrounding The Flash this only stirs up further excitement for new and hardcore fans a like.

Captain Cold 1

Captain Cold 1

Captain Cold 2

Captain Cold 2

I mentioned in a previous article on the DCCN site about the casting of Miller as Captain Cold and Spartacus‘ Nick Tarabay as Captain Boomerang leading to a possible formation of the Rogues. This seems more and more likely after these pictures surfaced. The leader of the Rogues is here and looks the part. If the producers can find a way to make a modern looking Captain Boomerang and stay true to the character the team up would almost be inevitable.

As far as the debut episode of The Flash goes, having Weather Wizard in the first episode has to give my theory at least a little steam. Another even more frightening villain appears in the series’ opening minutes. In S.T.A.R. Labs a mangled and empty cage is seen with a name plate hanging from the bars. Its reads one word, “GRODD.”


Captain Cold will make his debut in episode four of The Flash.

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Source: Comicbookresources


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