Justice League Brewery, Say What!?

by Julian Bartlett
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Being a huge Justice League fan and an avid beer supporter, a Justice League Brewery sounds like nothing short of a dream. Thinking about sitting at a bar stool and having a pint with Barry Allen or Hal Jordan is something I’ve shared in many late night scenarios. A graphic artist named Marcelo Rizzetto has brought the essence of my dream to life by creating seven custom beer labels based on a few key members of the superhero team. These amazing creations feature bright and vibrant color as well as a beer style that is an ideal match to the character.


Aquaman has an Aqua Beer which is a Belgian Blonde Ale, Green Lantern has St. Patrick Green Beer which is a Pale Ale, the Flash has Flash Beer, an Irish Red Ale, and Wonder Woman is represented with a Premium American Lager named Wonder Beer. Batman, Superman, and even the Wonder Twins also have their own personal beers. This makes me wonder what other heroes Rizzetto could utilize. Green Arrow and Martian Man Hunter would be fun labels to make. A few more females on the roster would be cool to, maybe Supergirl or Black Canary.

The Dark Beer
Super Strong Beer
St. Patrick Green Beer
The Flash Beer
The Wonder Beer
Aqua Beer
Twins Framboise

Marcelo Rizzetto spoke to Firstwefeast.com about creating a beer line for the Justice League. When asked about what inspired him he replied, “One day I was watching The Dark Knight and drinking a beer, and it was a dark beer. And voila! The idea came to my head and I thought of making a Batman beer. The other super beers I created later.” Referring to his creative process he said, “In this work, the creative process was very easy and instinctive. Beer and superheroes are two universes that I like a lot, and where I have a lot of knowledge. I love to look at beer labels and see how some are more classic and some are more modern. I wanted to combine all the knowledge I had as a child when I read comics, and then as an adult lover of beer.”

These would be great items to add to my collection if someone could make that happen.

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