The CW Wants a Third DC Comics Series

The results are in and The Flash is a runaway hit! With 4.5 million viewers it’s the CW’s biggest series opener in five years since The Vampire Diaries premiered in September of 2009. Warner Bros. TV, The CW and DC Entertainment are in talks to possibly bring a third DC Comics series to fruition. Mark Pedowitz, President of the CW was quoted in a phone interview as saying…

Mark Pedowitz
Mark Pedowitz


“There are discussions going on but, I can’t tell you what they are”






Five series that I feel could work are:

Booster Gold CW




A time traveling man from the future and his robot device, Skeets, must pursue a rogue time lord throughout the time stream and repair the past to save the future. Think Sliders and Time Cop.

CW Sandman



When Wesley Dodds falls asleep he dreams of crimes not yet committed.  Armed with a gas mask and a gas gun he follows the clues from his dreams to try to stop the crime before it happens.  This show could use the Vertigo Series Sandman Mystery Theater as a series guide.


CW starman





Jack Knight an Opal City antique dealer and slacker receives a mysterious package from his recently deceased father that contains the star staff a piece of alien technology that his physicist father was examining.  The people who murdered his father are now after him and he comes across villains like the Mist, Ragdoll, Grundy and the Mist’s daughter.  He forms an unconventional friendship with The Shade who only commits crimes outside of Opal City. Like in the comics he has a baby with the Mist’s daughter that he is left to raise.  There could also be past tales of Opal City like in the comics. He talks to the ghost of his dead brother David.  And like Gotham the City of Opal will be a character unto itself with a rich history.

CW question logo




Prominent investigative reporter Vic Sage hides behind the persona of The Question to expose government corruption and investigate conspiracy theories. Tough as nails Detective Renee Montoya is brought in by the powers that be to bring The Question down.






Zatanna Zatara follows in her fathers footsteps as a renowned stage magician and defender of this realm against the occult magics. guest stars and supporting cast members could include Zachary Zatara, Traci Thirteen and her father and skeptic Dr. Thirteen, Black Alice, Klarion the Witch Boy, Kid Eternity, Deadman and Felix Faust.


So, would you watch these shows? Have ideas of your own? Comment below and let your voice be heard!

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Thomas ODonnell

Thomas ODonnell

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