DC Comics News Presents: The Watchtower (Week 4)

by Anthony R. Ramirez
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It’s Monday and that means it is time for another edition of DCN Presents: The Watchtower. Each and every Monday, we will ask a certain question and on the following Monday the best responses will be featured in that article. Each time you answer the question of the week use the hashtag, #DCNTower.

We use this as a way to interact with you, the fans, and also see what other DC fans have to say.

Last week we asked: Who is your favorite comic book artist?

 This week responses were a limited but great nonetheless. Here is what you all had to say:


Alex Ross – Mari Ann Norris

Jim Lee – Jason Thompson

10703765_4722157667249_5029916447396280912_n  Lee….hands down – Joe Caliri


Kelley Jones, George Perez, Jim Lee, Eddy Barrows, Graham Nolan, Alex Ross #DCNTower — DCU Movie Page (@dcumoviepage) October 13, 2014


This week’s #DCNTower question is:
From all the DC Comics movies announced last week, which are you most excited for and why?


Credit: Warner Bros./Deadline

Remember to add the #DCNTower to your answer, so we can find it easier. You can comment on Facebook or twitter (@dccomicsnews).


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