Jason Momoa Finally Comments on Aquaman

by Anthony R. Ramirez
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For months the biggest unkept secret in Hollywood was that actor Jason Momoa is going to play Aquaman in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice film. Up until recently he would deny any part of the role or change the subject.

In a recent appearance at a convention in Atlanta, the actor spoke openly about playing Aquaman for the first time, “Listen, I was asked to play it. You know, you audition and stuff like that, but the fact is you’ve just got to keep it quiet. You know what I mean, I was just trying to respect Warner Bros. and everyone’s wishes. I’m really, really happy that I don’t have to be quiet anymore, because that’s really hard for me.”

Momoa added, “I don’t even know when we’re shooting yet, but it will be like 2016 or 2017, so there’s plenty of time.”Jason-Momoa-as-Aquaman-in-Batman-vs-Superman-and-Justice-League-Movie


The actor was also asked if his education in Marine Biology would be helpful for preparing for the role, his response, “Yeah, I did go to school for Marine Biology, but the cool thing is…the greatest thing for me is that Polynesians, our gods, Kahoali, Maui, all these water gods, so it’s really cool and a honor to be playing a [water] character. And there’s not too many brown superheroes, so I’m really looking forward to representing the Polynesians, the natives.”

He continued, “My family are some of the greatest water men on earth. I’m not, but I’m going to go train with them. But it’s really an honor just being a Polynesian. And water is the most important thing in this world and we all know it. It’s cool be a part of DC’s universe. I’m really excited to be with Warner Bros., and hopefully everyone likes it. And Zack Snyder’s a genius, so I’m really excited to be hanging out with him.”

B0P1ne4CMAAuowCAnother question Momoa was asked was if he had read Aquaman comic before. Momoa explains the difficulty of reading certain characters because it leads audiences to speculate, though he did add that when he was younger he was a fan of Spawn and Lobo. He also admitted that he will be reading plenty of Aquaman now to research the role.

When asked about Aquaman solo film, Momoa said, “I don’t know the director. I know about as much as you guys know. I know the Justice League will come first. That’s really what we’re going to focus on. I’m not sure if it will be [set] prior to Justice League or post. I don’t know too much about it. It will probably be where he came from. It will probably be his whole origin story I would think…I mean I don’t even want to get quoted on this s***. So I know we’re going to do Justice League first.”

The moderator of the panel mentioned that she couldn’t really picture Momoa in little green shorts, the actor responded, “You should use your imagination. I’ve got green eyes so they’re going to highlight my green eyes.”

Source: Comicbook.com

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