Review: Green Lantern #10
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Jeremy Adams
Art: Xermanico & Amancay Nahuelpan and Kevin Maguire
Colors: Romulo Fajardo, Jr. and Rosemary Cheetam
Letters: Dave Sharpe

Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd




Jo Mullein leads Hal into the intrigue on Oa.  Hal finally understands the big picture that reveals United Planets President Thaaros as the man behind it all.


The lead story is well paced and looks great.  A lot of the pieces are filled in as Hal, Jo and the other “renegade” Lanterns jump into action to save one of their own.  Adams nicely connects some of the pieces from the Geoffery Thorne Green Lantern series.  While this run started out feeling very Hal-centric, with Green Lantern #10 Adams has got all the pieces moving and shaking so that it feels firmly interconnected with previous runs.

Since Hal constructed his own ring through his will, it still operates a little differently and it’s great to see that as a plot point that matters.  This keeps Hal as the focus as well as setting him apart just enough from the rest of the Corps to keep him special.  The art from Xermanico and Nahuelpan looks great throughout.  They deliver the espionage aspects and the power ringing equally well.

In the back up story featuring Guy Gardner, Adams and Kevin Maguire provide a huge dose of nostalgia for Guy and the JLI era including a guest appearance from Booster Gold.  If this is your jam, you’ll really enjoy this.  Adams hits all the right beats and writes Guy pitch perfect for that era.  Maguire’s art is great as usual and makes it the story appear it was plucked out of time.


The only time I’ve liked Guy Gardner was in his original appearances in the sixties and seventies and then under Robert Venditti in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps as one of the “Four Corpsman.”  Green Lantern #10 sees Guy in his less nuanced iteration and it’s difficult to take him, as it’s always been for me.


Green Lantern #10 continues to ramp up the excitement.  It took a little while to get to this moment but it seems that this title is now where Jeremy Adams has been heading since issue #1.  Something big is just around the corner and the scope has expanded nicely to encompass not only the recent continuity but older events as well.

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