Brick comes to Arrow

by Julian Bartlett

vinnieWith so many new characters stacking up on Arrow this season why not add Danny “Brick” Brickwell to the roster. British actor Vinnie Jones was recently cast as the almost indestructible crime boss. Arrow’s casting director David Rapaport has been flawlessly picking the actors to portray all of the newcomers. Seeing Vinnie Jones in movies like Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels show how comfortable he will be transitioning to a crime boss. Not only is he perfect to play the part he actually looks the part as well. Fans get so upset at the slightest difference from actor to character but this situation can be left alone. Previously Jones played Juggernaut in X-men: The Last Stand in which the character received mixed reviews.


“Brick” was created by Judd Winnick and Phil Hester in the Green Arrow comics. Starting as a low-level mobster he quickly moves his way up through the ranks. At one point Brickwell even hires Deathstroke to blow up Ollie’s home. This could prove interesting since Slade is still imprisoned on the Island. In “One Year Later” he seems to turn over a new leaf and starts cleaning up the streets he helped to pollute. “Brick” appears in a few episodes of Young Justice but this will be his live-action debut.

However, in an early Arrow episode his name can be seen on Oliver’s list of targets.

Vinnie Jones will be joining a list of fresh new faces this season on Arrow. Most notably he will be alongside Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer and Matt Nable as Ra’s Al Ghul. Other seminal DC characters coming to Star City this season are Wildcat, Captain Boomerang, and Amy Gumerick as Cupid. Considering that Cupid “kills” Brickwell for her one true love, Green Arrow, this could lead to an enticing story line down the road.

Ray Palmer aka The Atom
Captain Boomerang
Ra's Al Ghul

Vinnie Jones will bring Danny “Brick” Brickwell to episodes ten, eleven, and twelve of Arrow season 3.

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