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Stuck in a supernatural situation, our heroes in this week’s Injustice find themselves with the Spirit of Vengeance himself knocking down their door. Batman steps up as the leader to help his team escape and try to once again re-group to continue their plan.

3An unexpected problem literally arises out at their front door as Tom Taylor continues our supernatural story. It was great to see all of the team getting a turn in the spotlight to try and help before Zatanna ultimately steps up and takes charge. Not only is Taylor using all of the characters to their strengths but also utilizing all the supernatural characters for support. He hasn’t made them cheesy or over the top but is using their powers correctly. The respect given to all the characters shows that Taylor has really done his research. Though we haven’t seen what Constantine is capable of just yet, I’m sure Taylor has left the best for last.  It had a great continuity from the following issue as the whole Year Three has followed very smoothly especially story wise.

5The triple threat team of Bruno Redondo, Xermanico and Rex Lokus are back to make a stunning compilation of this week’s issue. It’s always a treat to see the great artwork that is delivered. Even when the artists change, the way these three depict the characters and environments is incredible. I love the contrast between the purplish hues against the green of Spectre and the red splashes of Hell. Also the costumes for the characters especially Etrigan have a wonderful shine and detail. I loved the heavily armored look everyone has adopted thanks to these amazing artists.


4The little quarrel between Batman and Constantine was also a great show of Constantine’s attitude. It was hilarious to see someone finally say what they were thinking and then face the consequences. I also really love the spotlight Zatanna has been given, it’s nice to see her talents really being used in the issue and how she has been one of Batman’s strongest partners. She is an amazing character and I’m glad she is making her mark in this series. I can’t flaw the artwork for Injustice very much and again it delivers excellence. All the artists just flow together and now into Year Three, the artwork has advanced showing that they have really worked closely throughout the series.


2The location of the house in the last comic issue seemed to be a standalone house its own but now we see that it was in a main street which made me confused. Though it wasn’t a major issue it was just something that didn’t feel right.


With the first “warning shot” now dealt with in this week’s Injustice Batman has a lot to think about. So many are will to help but still so many are in danger the next moves have to be planned out carefully. So stay turned to see how Batman decided what move he and his team should make next.




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