Mondo Celebrating Batman 75th Anniversary With a Gallery

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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Mondo’s gallery pays tribute to Batman on its 75th Anniversary.

Mondo’s gallery, celebrating 75 years of  one of DC Comics’ most iconic figures, recently opened in Austin. The gallery showcases art from comic book artists Francesco Francavilla and Jock. It also features art from artists like Jason Edmiston who focused on Batman ’66 themed posters and a piece featuring Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker. We also see work from Kevin Tong who worked with themes related to the Nolan’s film franchise.

Other themes on the gallery include posters based on the fan-favorite Batman Beyond animated series, the A Death in The Family story arc, The Dark Knight Returns from Frank Miller, Batman: Year One graphic novel and Burton’s Batman films among others.

Take a look to the posters in the gallery below.

Batman and Dracula by Francesco Francavilla
By Jock
By Jock
By Francesco Francavilla and Jock
Batman '66 Riddler by Jason Edmiston
By Jay Shaw
By Kevin Tong
The Dark Knight's Joker by Jason Edmiston
Batman '66 Joker by Jason Edmiston
Batman '66 Batgirl by Jason Edmiston
By Kevin Tong
Batman Beyond by
By Silence TV
By Kevin Tong
By Kevin Tong
By Silence TV
Batman: Year One by Matt Taylor
Tumbler by DKNG
Burton's Catwoman by Craig Drake
By Alex Pardee
By JC Richards
By Craig Drake
By Brandon Holt
Heart on Ice by Phantom City Creative
BY Alex Pardee
By Tiny Kitten Teeth
A Death in the Family by We Buy Your Kids
A Death in the Family by We Buy Your Kids
By Tom Whalen

Which other themes you would have loved to see on that gallery?

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Source: Comics Alliance

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