ksallaccA Beardless Kevin Smith stops by DC All Access this week to help out with the hosting duties. He talks Batman ’66 and does a little comic panel play with Tiffany Smith. Andrew Kreisberg talks about the difference between Arrow and Green Arrow in the comics. Kevin Smith’s background in comics is extensive and it was a real treat listening to his thoughts on the upcoming DC projects.

cacophonyAfter bearding up Kevin promptly asks Tiffany Smith to call him Master Bruce.widening After declining with a smile the two discuss the upcoming release of Batman ’66 on Blu-ray. Kevin Smith has a deep passion for Batman having been heavily influenced by the comics as a kid. Kevin has penned both ‘Batman: Cacophony’ and ‘Batman: The Widening Gyre’ to solidify his place in Dark Knight history. He mentions his thoughts on how everyone has their one personal Batman and how his is Adam West’s TV version. For me it has always been Kevin Conroy from Batman: The Animated Series. You can understand why he was so excited to release the exclusive clip from the soon to be released Blu-ray.

A bit later in the show, Green Arrow writers Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski discuss the transition between writing for Arrow on TV as opposed to Ollie in the comics. “The comic is not meant to be an adaptation of the Arrow world. What we really wanted to do was don an echo of the TV show,” said Kreisberg. He continued, “You’ll see Dig and you’ll see Felicity in the comic but they’re not quite the Dig and Felicity you know from the show.” Co-writer Ben Sokolowski has this to add, “Really over the course of this arc we’ll be forming the new team.”


For a little fun at the end Kevin plays a game where he adds the commentary to out of context comic panels. After going through a few pages and making them his own Tiffany Smith pulls out a bit of Kevin’s past. She reveals a panel that Mr. Smith has taken a lot of flack for over the years. From a book he wrote he see’s a panel in which Batman himself pee’s his pants. Kevin refers to this as “one of the worst decisions in my entire life.”

Check out the entire video right here and enjoy.

And Remember, “Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms yo!”

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