Casting Updates for DC TV

by Cynthia Ayala
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You know, maybe DC should just get their own channel because they are dominating the airwaves, they can call it DC TV.

First up, let’s talk about FOX’s Gotham. Gotham has already brought in Poison Ivy, Falcone, Catwoman, Penguin and Riddler. However, this one is supposed to be closer to Ivy and Catwoman, a child much like them where the obviousness of his character and who is to become isn’t going to be as obvious as with Penguin and Riddler. Who is this mystery character? None other than Johnothan Crane, Scarecrow. But Gotham is doing a twist. Not only are they introducing a young Johnathan Crane but his father is the one who is going to be holding the Scarecrow moniker first. Don’t you just love a good twist?

Moving on, we have CBS’s upcoming Supergirl, which is bringing four big names into the series, and they are Cat Grant, Jimmy Olsen, Winslow Schott and Hank Henshaw.

CBS has announced that for Jimmy Olsen, they are casting someone who is in their late 20’s to early 30’s and is described as a “smart, worldly, and attractive photographer for CatCo. An Alpha male with salt-of-the-earth nature.” While I love it, I hate it at the same time. He’s a goofy kid, early 20’s, that’s how I know him, that’s how I’ve always known him so it bothers me just a little bit because while I believe this synopsis as who he would grow up to be, that doesn’t seem like him now when Supergirl is Supergirl.

But moving on, let’s discuss Cat Grant, journalistic rival of Lois Lane. She is reportedly a 40 something woman who is head of the CatCo and the boss of Kara, her personal assistant. Girl is certainly going to have her work cut out for her.

Winslow Scott is going to be a 20 something tech wizard who is the future villain Toyman to anyone who doesn’t know and is going to be Kara’s next door neighbor who is going to pine after the precious blond. Stalker alert?

Finally, Hank Henshaw, the DEO agent worried about Supergul and her powers, will be a 40 something man. Not much else has been revealed about him.

There you have it! Updates will follow as soon as casting news breaks.

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