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by Julian Bartlett
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It looks as though fans will soon get a trip to Smallville Cemetery. Today via CBM set photos from Batman V Superman were released showing the grave site of Mr. Kent. Also shown is Ben Affleck who is “dressed like he was at a funeral,” says Gregory Zonsius. Zonsius is the individual who snapped all these candid shots from the set.

Kent Gravestone

Kent Gravestone

With last weeks shot of the Wayne Mausoleum it appears that Clark will not be the only one in a state of grief.

Wayne Mausoleum

Wayne Mausoleum

These two locations don’t confirm a lot but they do raise some questions. What is Bruce Wayne doing in Smallville? It has been speculated that he could be paying his respects to Pa Kent. With the supposed conflict between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel could this be Bruce’s way of trying to humanize Clark? The answer could simply be funeral, but nothing is that easy when you’re Batman.

In regards to the Wayne Mausoleum, there are a few different reasons why Bruce would be there. One theory is that it could be a flashback sequence in which he is remembering his parents murder. Another, and one of my favorite, is that it could be a nod to the classic scene where Bruce talks to his parents which is featured in the comics and the animated TV show. In my opinion, a notable way to use mausoleum would be to make it either one entrance or the original entrance to the Batcave. This would explain why Bruce prefers the cape. While he wears the suit he feels inseparable from his parents. Almost as if they’re still with him.


Cemetery Entrance
On Set
Entrance Close-Up
On Set

With Batman V Superman still in production expect more set photos and leaked plot points in the near future.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice releases March 25, 2016

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