DC Comics News Presents: The Watchtower (Week 6)

by Anthony R. Ramirez
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It’s Monday and that means it is time for another edition of DCN Presents: The Watchtower. Each and every Monday, we will ask a certain question and on the following Monday the best responses will be featured in that article. Each time you answer the question of the week use the hashtag, #DCNTower.


We use this as a way to interact with you, the fans, and also see what other DC fans have to say.


Last week we asked: Who do you think is the scariest/creepiest villain in the DC Comics Universe and why? #DCNTower
Eiry Te Ngira Thomas‪ professor pyg!

Dookie Thomas‪ Mr. Pig




Jamie Robinson‪ For me, I’m personally creeped out by Lobo, who might be considered more of an anti-hero than a villain. His appearance alone creeps me out.


  Jhard Hardesty:‪ Victor Zsasz


Oberon Sexton‪ I also think Black Mask is pretty underrated because he’s always overlooked thanks to Joker. Doctor Light – Identity Crisis… rapist and sexual criminal anyone?‬















Daryl Keogh‪: Professer Strange

Daryl Keogh‪: Professer Strange



Josh Aaron‪: Doctor Destiny aka DC's Freddy Kruger, was creepy even in the JL cartoon but his best moment was in The Sandman #6 "24 hours."

Josh Aaron‪: Doctor Destiny aka DC’s Freddy Kruger, was creepy even in the JL cartoon but his best moment was in The Sandman #6 “24 hours.”

Terry Wood:‪ Probably Gorilla Grodd. He wouldn't just kill you; he'd also eat you.

Terry Wood:‪ Probably Gorilla Grodd. He wouldn’t just kill you; he’d also eat you.


Scott Mullen‪ The Joker. Appearance, Unpredictability, Intelligence, Cunning all combined in a totally amoral personality.

Raymundo Rojas‪ Mr. Joker the reason is that he doesn’t need to have a plan to do something he will do anything any time any place! Hahahaha #DCNTower

Gaurav Billie Joe‪ Only one…..JOKER !!!‬

Sean Johnston‪ Joker then scarecrow

Brian Gaudette‪ The Joker

Omar Guerrero‪ Joker…who else more?

Michael Bordo‪ Joker especially face cut off Joker, Arkham Scarecrow,Solomon Grundy and The Specter



Great answers DC fans!

This week’s question is:  What is your favorite DC Comics story arc or event and why?

Remember to add the #DCNTower to your answer, so we can find it easier. You can comment on Facebook or Twitter (@dccomicsnews).


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