‘Harley Quinn’ Returns This Summer For Season 4, Kite Man Spin-off Gets A Name Change

Hell Yeah!

by Joshua Raynor
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During this year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival‘s “Share With” session, Suzanna Makkos (Executive Vice President, Original Comedy and Adult Animation, Max and Adult Swim) revealed the Max Original Adult Animation Slate, and among the shows talked about were season four of the acclaimed series Harley Quinn, and the upcoming Kite Man spin-off series.

According to Makkos, Harley Quinn will return for its fourth season this summer, and will presumably pick up after the events of season three — Poison Ivy is running the Legion of Doom, Harley Quinn has given up villainy, Bruce Wayne is in prison for tax evasion, and Batgirl is leading the Bat Family (which now includes Harley). What kind of insanity will result from all of this? You’ll have to wait until season four to find out.

Makkos also confirmed that the Kite Man spin-off is still on the way, and has a new name — Kite Man: Hell Yeah! Originally titled Noonan’s, this series will center on the HQ side character (and former fiance of Poison Ivy), Kite Man, and his time running Noonan’s bar, which is seen numerous times throughout Harley Quinn. It was revealed that the series will highlight the titular character even further as he teams up with iconic DC rogues like Bane and Lex Luthor.

Kite Man: Hell Yeah! has already received a series order for ten episodes and may possibly get set up in the upcoming fourth season of Harley Quinn.

Kite Man: Hell Yeah! does not have an official release date set yet for Max.


Source: WBD Press


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