Review: Green Lantern #9
[Editor’s Note: This review CONTAINS spoilers]

Writers: Jeremy Adams and Sam Humphries
Art: Xermanico and Yasmin Flores Montanez
Colors: Romulo Fajardo, Jr. and Alex Guimaraes
Letters: Dave Sharpe 

Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd




Hal Jordan finds the end of the road Madame Xanadu set him on.  It’s surprise after surprise that gets Hal off of the Earth and on the trail of the mystery of the destroyed Power Batteries.


Green Lantern #9 suddenly ramps up the action and mystery with a couple of surprises.  They are big and integral to the plot so it’s hard to avoid discussing the spoilers.


Hal’s path leads him to Tom Kalmaku.  Tom relates an encounter he had with a Guardian, reminding him that he’s the last of the New Guardians (see Millennium).  This is a call back to a series over 35 years old.  It’s not fondly remembered, but it’s a deep cut into DC history.  Tom then reveals to Hal a power battery left on Earth by the Guardians of the Universe and a mission from them- the Green Lanterns of Earth are the safety back up if anything happened to the Guardians or the Green Lantern Corps.  These events tie things together and provide some clarity for the events of the past few issues.  It put Hal in a position he’s comfortable with…and he’s raring to go.  

Positives Cont’d

Adams plays off Hal’s characterization and the perception of Earthlings by the rest of the Universe.  It’s cleverly executed as it fits both character and story.  Adams also addresses Hal’s feelings for Carol.  He gives Hal some resolution and it indicates that Hal is too attached to his life as Green Lantern to give it up for a regular married life on Earth.  It’s not unlike a priest taking a vow of celibacy to tend his flock…Hal’s life as a Lantern isn’t as much a job as it is a vocation.  The art by Xermanico and Romulo Fajardo, Jr. is simply beautiful at times.  The locations sing!  They capture the fantastic wonderfully.

The second story, “The Trial of Jessica Cruz” serves to expand the story and the world in which it is taking place.  We get a bit of Jess’s history for those unfamiliar and enough to inspire some research.  It’s put together well and connected to Hal’s story in an interesting way.  It’s easy to see how things will come together soon.  This back up story in Green Lantern #9 adds an additional layer as well as additional excitement for what will come next for not only Hal and Jessica, but the status quo of the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe.  It’s especially intriguing as it addresses the role of the United Planets.  The back up even reveals the parties behind the destruction of the Power Batteries, or at least one of them.


It’s hard to find a negative with Green Lantern #9.  It may be a bit odd to bring back Millennium, but it goes a long way in making the history of the DC Universe matter.  It feels like there’s a shift in direction with the series after the opening two issues that set up the characters so well.  Even though it makes sense for Hal to be able to resign himself to being done with Carol, it would be good to see him actually have that conversation instead of just running away again.


Green Lantern #9 brings a number of plot ideas together.  It feels like the lynchpin to this series and everything will pivot off this issue going forward.  The deep cuts are really exciting, as are the potentialities suggested in this issue with the Green Lantern Corps, Jessica Cruz and the United Planets.

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