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This is a spooky Injustice issue as Batman and Constantine go to see their own personal psychic. Sometimes calling on some outside help, Batman must trust Constantine to lead them down the right path even if the doorway is slammed in their faces a few times  at first.

2That’s it; I officially think this comic series is the bomb. Tom Taylor has made magic again this week with a hilarious issue and Harley wasn’t even in it! Madame Xanadu’s sassy nature spills onto the pages, as we see yet another persona who disagrees with Constantine’s presence. Just the little touches of humor at the right moment really made this issue a stand out. It was great to read the banter between all these characters but the moment that sealed the deal for me was Batman making tea, yep the big bad Bat is going to brew a sweet pot of tea. The visual enough from that one worded panel was excellent. Hilariousness aside, the issue finally revealed a few of the events leading up into the new year, with major spoilers of characters imminent return.

6I really enjoy the issues that Bruno Redondo, Xermanico and Rex Lokus work on. These masters know exactly how to make the supernatural elements on the page really pop out from the gloomy darkness that surrounds Batman’s panels. I think the contrast between the darker elements against the bright colors of magic, take on a whole new effect when Rex Lokus takes on the challenge. The penciling of the characters also captures each of their natures, really pulling readers into each scenario that they are involved in. You can feel all the emotions with just a simple shift of the characters eyes which to me, captures twice as much many emotions than words can.


5The spoilers revealed are now a massive twist to the game and begs me to wonder if Tom Taylor is going to link the story back to the game plot line of “Injustice: Gods Among Us”. Perhaps parallel versions will come to help the cause and change the plot up again. I’m glad that some characters are returning and I’m eager to see how they will fit in but more importantly whose team will the benefit the most. Another positive is of course the glorious artwork. The way that Madame Xanadu was drawn was absolutely beautiful and even the running mascara captured so much emotion on the poor woman’s face.


3The only complaint I had with the issue is the heavily saturated backgrounds. It seems like the environment around them wasn’t important enough to include and I would have loved to have seen some strange things in the Madame’s shop maybe even some Easter Eggs that readers could have spotted.


So with secrets revealed, the characters of Injustice now have more to think about than they had bargained for. So stay turned to find out just how Batman will use the news and if he will wear an apron while making tea!




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