Review – Action Comics #36

by Kate Kane
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Writer: Greg Pak

Cover Art: Aaron Kuder, Wil Quintana

Artist:  Aaron Kuder

Welcome to Horrorville. This issue takes place 2 months after Braniac struck and we follow Lana Lang as her nightmares seem to be coming “back to life”. Meanwhile Superman has returned and in contact with Toymaster to investigate a mysterious fog that has covered his home town.


10752057_771011642972694_2002470518_nThe artist has done a wonderful job at Lana. Her eyes and expressions during a very traumatic event were beautifully illustrated.

The cover art was striking and definitely would catch my eye on the comic book store shelf.




10805105_771011619639363_1355237265_nIt was very text heavy and not much in the way of action. I figure this is because it’s setting up the next story arc, but this issue is just not gripping. Hopefully the last panel sets up for a more engaging issue next month.

Final Thought

I don’t know how I feel about Superman looking like a bit of a hobo. I am so used to such a clean shaven and the typical “clean cut good boy” image that I was rather distracted by the shaggy beard.

This is definitely more of a set up issue, so I wouldn’t be too hard on it, all stories have to start somewhere and better to have an issue that is text heavy and slow paced than to jump straight into some strange action with no explanation and hope that you get a lot of flashbacks fast so that you can make heads or tails of what the writer is trying to say.




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