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Battling her arch nemesis Cheetah, Wonder Woman is taking their warriors fight to the next level in this week’s Sensation Comics. Still smack dab in the middle of the fierce battle, Wonder Woman is trying to protect the precious treasure that is now in the claws of danger.

2Michael Jelenic continues on his story arc this week. I found the story between daughter and mother touching and really a beautiful tribute to the Amazon creed that Diana lives by. It was very true to her back story as Amazon royalty but also the flashback panels showed just how wise Hippolyta really is. I thought the Queens lines were the most pivotal in the issue. When the two came together you could not only see the family resemblance, but really feel the bond that had been set between the two women. It was a wonderful little family story and another great twist on what we have already seen from the Amazon Princess.

5I cannot express how amazing the artwork for this issue is. You have to read this comic to really see the full impact of the spectacular details that these three artists have worked on. Drew Edward Johnson breathes life into the Amazon warriors in a whole new way with massive splash page pieces that ooze femininity on every level. Accompanied by the inking of Ray Snyder and the astounding color work of Lizzy John, this comic was more than just a beautiful read. The pure emotions that had been captured in the moments between each of the characters flowed down through each panel. Coupled with the emotions I really could see Diana’s spirit as she fought against Cheetah, her bravery, her passion and her love just poured out from these pages. To these three artists, they have really done Wonder Woman such an amazing credit by putting so much passion into her story.


6Artwork, artwork, artwork. Even if you are not a fan of the story you can seriously appreciate the amazing work put into this piece. The golden hues and glittering armour is just so ethereal and it really feels like she’s fighting in another world. I cannot get enough of how beautiful all women look in this issue. I felt this immense commanding presence from each side and the giant fight panels really gave the artists a chance to do some amazing full body pieces of art. I also loved the small Lynda Carter tribute as Hippolyta is wearing her outfit. It was such a great little treat and really made me appreciate the issue even more.


4Again I have the most issues with Cheetah this week. Her slight cheesy lines made her a little less elegant and more of an armature between the Amazon ladies. I also found that the bunched up dialogue on the flashback pages didn’t really balance against the internal dialogue on the main story panels. It was a little jumpy to read and could have been spaced a little better.


Wonder Woman’s gift to her mother was a touching display of affection in Sensation Comics. Another story of the Princess’s life told, we can see that she admires her roots and home more than ever. So stay tuned for the next adventure following Wonder Woman and what story she will survive next.




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