Review – Green Lantern Corps #36


Picking up right where we left off last week, Godhead Act II continues today in the pages of Green Lantern Corps #36. Sinestro leads John Stewart, Saint Walker, Indigo-1 and the remnants of their respective Corps to the Antimatter Universe to evade the ongoing attacks from the New Gods, who are still seeking to take out anyone wielding a ring.


The Weaponer of Qward equips them with something new to utilize, which may give the Corps a fighting chance against the seemingly unstoppable force of Highfather and his followers. Realizing the Star Sapphires are the next target, they travel to Zamaron to help defend them, as well as ask for their assistance in the inevitable upcoming war of light.



Another strong issue from the team of Jensen, Chang and Maiolo. The distinctive art is as vibrant and exciting as ever. The script is especially impressive. It feels as though their was twice as much content as what was actually there. There’s definitely a feeling of getting one’s monies worth. Can’t forget to mention The Weaponer, one of my favorite characters in the Green Lantern mythos. Major props for his reintroduction.



The mere mention that this might end with all the colors coming together to defeat the big bad is rather concerning. This particular resolution is becoming quite tiresome, and the Green Lantern line of books needs to dig deeper and find some new climaxes to explore. Perhaps this is me jumping the gun and making something out nothing, but my interpretation of how I read it lead me to the conclusion. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.


Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead continues to be an engaging and entertaining crossover, and this week’s Green Lantern Corps #36 is no exception. I’m still eagerly awaiting to see some merciful actions from Highfather and his crew at some point so there’s some distinction between those from Apokalips and those from New Genesis. They Can’t all be bad, right?

Myke Havoc

Myke Havoc

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