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The chaotic action and excitement continue in this week’s Earth 2: World’s End #6. Doctor Fate wields his magic, defeating Famine in the process. But not before he, Flash and Hawkgirl all appear to have contracted something from the Apokaliptian Fury. Fate races to Jimmy Olsen, convinced he holds the key to their cure.


Aquawoman continues to awaken the ancient evil Azathoth, who if I’m not mistaken is basically the grand-daddy of Lovecraft’s Cthulu creature. Red Tornado, Batman, Val-Zod and Power Girl discover that the big twist at the end of last week’s issue (the body of Kal-L) is but a mere clone… much like Brutaal, and only one of many (which should play a bigger part next week).


Huntress is trapped in the throws of Desaad, while Green Lantern and Grundy search for the red, white and blue avatars to complete their team that The Green had mentioned last week. We also check in with Dick and Barbara Grayson, defending their rations from looters in the World Army Stronghold. They receive assistance from a VERY familiar face to Earth 2 fans, FINALLY making his post-reboot debut.



Like last week, this title just continues to get better and better. The separate stories are all moving along perfectly. With only a few pages each, they still manage to move briskly and establish plenty of beats to build up off of. The art and writing is also improving, with the multiple artists and authors finding a tone and consistency that makes the staggering list of credits seem almost inconsequential.



My only minor complaint would be the clone reveal. It’s a rather over-used plot device, although it looks like they’ll put it to better use next week when an entire lab of Superman clones will be running a muck (at least according to the title reveal at the end of this issue).


Earth 2: World’s End is quickly becoming a favorite title, and the first weekly series I’ve actually made the effort to follow as it’s published. The title continues to get tighter and more exciting with each entry… and we’re only a month and a half in! Can’t wait for next week.

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