Review- THE NEW 52: FUTURES END # 28

by Gregg Hamm
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Its Batman vs Batman in this weeks issue of Futures End! Finally readers get to see the long awaited confrontation between Batman and Batman Beyond. Terry has been stealthy throughout the series thus far , but it seems his luck has finally run out.


I may be wrong here but I believe this is the first time in the series that a person from Earth -0 has met there Earth- 2 doppelganger.   As shown in this weeks preview we see Lois Lane meet Red Tornado for the first time. While this might not have been the most exciting part of the issue it does open the door for many more interesting interactions that we’ve been waiting for. For instance, Flash vs Flash or Green Lantern vs Green Lantern are both two prime examples of show downs that fans have been dying to see.


The highlight of the issue was definitely he Batman vs Batman Beyond fight however. Not only was the fight sequence itself well designed but the dialogue during it added a much needed contrast between the two characters. The addition of both A.L.F.R.E.D and Plastique also added some comedy to an otherwise already exciting scene.

Negatives FUTEND-28-2-10eb1

This was a very dialogue heavy issue without a whole lot actually happening. Every once and a while this happens in the series, though it does serve a purpose of setting up things too come. Specifically the scene featuring Faraday and Fifty Sue contained way too much dialogue that discussed many  plot points that readers were already well aware of. Fifty Sue even made a point of repeating herself a few times in order to help with the other characters’ confusion but this unfortunately made the scene very redundant for readers. Tim Drake’s part in this issue also fell short for me. The past few issues hes just been chasing after Madison, but now he’s tracking her down. Again the repetition her has made his scene feel redundant and predictable for weekly readers.


This week was another slow week for Futures End fans. While the fight between the two Batmen was exciting the rest of the issue felt lackluster. While many things seem to be set up here, not enough happened to make this issue really stand out from the rest. Hopefully some of the dangling plot lines from this issue will lead to huge moments for next week.



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