by Kate Kane
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Constantine’s fate is put to the test with Injustice only throwing its readers more curve balls to swing at. With Superman showing a small amount of compassion, Constantine isn’t out of the woods yet as he remains behind enemy lines.

6Tom Taylor does it again with another twist of his magic wand. His story arc continues on with very clever placement of yet more characters. Taylor has a unique ability to place characters into present events with pivotal purposes. Though many die after fulfilling their mission, he has thought carefully about who and what they can bring to each side. Every part of this comic machine flows so well and this week’s issue doesn’t disappoint on how Constantine manages to weasel his way out of his captivity once again.

4Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran and Rex Lokus have taken over this week’s work bring their infamous amounts of color and huge paneled pages. I love how these three guys really know how to draw the male superheroes. They just bring out every emotion and gesture so well and the huge panels really allow them to expand into multiple character’s interactions. It’s a pleasure to see the intricate work that has gone into the Superman team and all three artists have really captured that superhero essence.


3Constantine! Ha! funny, funny man. The way Tom Taylor scripts his dialogue is worth reading the issue. Even the small amount of mocking sarcasm he blabs is priceless.  I really have a new love for the character and I’m enjoying his time in the spotlight.  Also the paneling conversation between Deadman and Billy was a clever touch and portrayed that whole scenario in a clean and easy to follow interaction.


5Conveniently Zantanna is Constantine’s scape goat. That hat is getting a workout as a well-placed prop but I had a feeling that the magic man wasn’t about to snuff it just yet. It was a little too predictable and I would have liked to see Superman get an upper hand up against Batman to really heighten that tension.


With more secrets being hidden under various masks, Injustice continues to give us yet another mystery to solve. The cliff-hanger could now just expose Superman’s biggest ace up his sleeve. So stay tuned to find out what happens next and if someone will intervene before another life is lost.




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