Review – Secret Origins #7

by Renee Montoya
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For this issue of Secret Origins I will be reviewing each story rather than the overall book.


Cover Art: Brian Hitch, Alex Sinclair




Writers: Robert Vendiiti, Van Jensen

Pencils: Miguel Sepulveda

Ink: Scott Hanna

Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse


We follow Barry from childhood and the key moments in his life that brought him to becoming the Flash. Not just the accident that gave him his speed, but also the motivation and his heart as to why he runs so far and so fast.



The artwork again is just wonderful. The team that made the panels of Barry changing to the Flash in front of the TV eating was absolutely perfectly executed. I could almost see the vibrations of him moving that fast and that would not be an easy task for all involved as the inker and the colourist would have had to understand exactly what that penciler was trying to achieve and the potential for it to go so wrong was definitely there.



I didn’t really find anything to nit pick in this one other than not seeing Captain Boomerang in the line-up of Villains.


Final Thought

This was nicely written, very easy to follow for anyone who has never read the flash, like me. It allowed the reader to quickly connect to Barry while still getting those key details out in a very short time. I found this a nice introduction with enough of a temptation to see if he can achieve his ultimate goal that I am actually tempted to start collecting this one. Well done guys.




Writer: Paul Levitz

Art: Jonboy Meyers

Colourist: Matt Yackey


We watch as the daughter of Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne evolves from Robin to Huntress.



The shining light of this can be summed up in 2 words: Selina Kyle.

From dialogue to art she is absolutely PUUUUURRRRRRFECT!

The writing of the relationship between mother and daughter was just beautiful.

Helena taking on her mother’s outfit, the evolution of the costume from Selina to Helena was striking.



The artwork looked rather unsophisticated for the majority of this, making this seem like it was aimed more for a younger audience. While still having detailing it was just seemed so…. Bright.


Final Thought

I confess I was disappointed. I was thoroughly excited at the inclusion of Huntress, expecting to have the wonderfully dark and wreck-loose daughter of a Mob Boss only to see it was from the “World’s Finest/Earth 2”. To me this was very young, almost shallow in points and I am not a fan of Helena Wayne.

Sandwiched between 2 stories with a more adult look and feel to them, this just didn’t work at all.

I would however love to find this version of Selina and read her because if it was to continue in this manner I think she would be a great Catwoman to enjoy with a good drink curled up on the couch.




Writer: Frank J. Barbiere

Pencils: Robson Rocha

Ink: Oclair Albert

Colourist: Mike Atiyeh


Superboy tells his story to a Lab Doctor as he is getting a blood test to find out who he really is.



This was quick, easy to follow and clean transitions from present to past storytelling. The art was solid, clean and nicely coloured.  The ending left you wanting to look up what happens next.



Trying to pack a lot in quickly meant no depth to the character during the storytelling; especially during the “dark days” Again I am nit-picking.


Final Thought

As a first time reader of Superboy I first thought “here we go… cloning… how very predictable and done to death”. As I read through and that last panel actually had me wanting to see just what that 10% was on the screen. I wanted to know did he figure what path he wants to follow on a long term basis and will that clarity of a moment hold out or buckle at the first sign of trouble.




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