Review: The Flash Season 0 #7

by David Hestand III
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Flash 0 7_1After the level of interesting we saw last week, I must say that this week was a bit of a disappointment.  I know that giving half a comic every two weeks is challenging, but momentum has not been the friend of The Flash Season 0.

This was a straightforward installment of The Flash Season 0.  Most of it featured interplay by Flash-less Team Flash for part of it and Iris and Eddie for the rest.  The circus villains initiated their “attack” and we got to see more uncertainty from the snake charmer.

Flash 0 7_2Positives

This series so far has been more successful doing world-building than telling its story.  Whether that is a comment on the engaging nature of this particular story or a comment on the quality of the Flash’s world is up to you to decide.  The bits we got this week came via Wells and Thawne.  We got a bit of insight into Eddie’s past and saw Wells using some actual future tech he has stored in his secret future room.  I’m curious if this tidbit will fuel the internet fires of curiosity about his identity.

Also, apparently Iris’s deep fear and pain is losing Barry, especially because it would be another loss in her life.  Interesting information that I hope comes up soon in the television show.  These television teases are great to spice up the series, and they make it feel more purposeful.


Wow has the momentum been uneven in this series.  An issue ago it felt like we were really moving, but this week feels like another stall.  It has felt like this story has relied on cliffhangers to move things from issue to issue and it feels more tedious than effective.  But, I can say this story will probably read much better in a trade somewhere down the line.

The circus characters still feel one-note and uninteresting.  Lack of names for the one’s that are supposed to be sympathetic really just makes the entire situation worse.

The Verdict

The Flash Season 0 #7 is unfortunately back to lackluster form for this series.  This story arc seems like it might wrap-up soon, so hopefully more interesting things are on the way.




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