Review: THE FLASH #10

The Flash #10 DC Comics News[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer:  Simon Spurrier

Artists: Ramon Perez, Vasco Georgiev

Colours: Matt Herms

Letters: Hassan Otsmane Elhaou

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil




The Flash #10: As the Arc Angles bring the Crown of Thawnes into The Gallery, Wally West has to pull himself together to face some old Rogues. Amanda Waller’s Task Force raids Terrifictech, and brings some shocking backup to keep any speedsters in line!



Simon Spurrier’s story arc is a divisive one. Some readers love this kind of heavy science fiction, while it turns other readers off. Personally, I like Spurrier’s story, but I have a number of reservations, which I will get into later. But first, let’s look at the positive points.

As you may have noticed, this issue ties into DC’s summer crossover event, Absolute Power. When a crossover event interrupts an ongoing story arc, it can needlessly complicate the story. But Spurrier deftly weaves the Absolute Power story into his own story arc.

Considering that Wally West is the nominal star of the series, it’s interesting that Barry has been doing the heavy lifting as the main character for the current arc, while Wally is lost in a confusing nether realm. However, it does seem rather fitting for Oliver Queen to face off against his old teammate Barry.

The Flash #10 - DC Comics News

Positives Cont’d.

It’s also refreshing to see Barry taking joy in the battle against his former friend. After Barry’s struggles to regain his optimistic views during Williamson’s run, it’s great to see him having fun in his role as the Flash.

Also, it’s an interesting point that Barry makes the claim, “I think his heart’s in the right place, whoever he is.” about Ollie. This is quite the intuitive leap for Barry, especially considering that Ollie gets quite vicious during the battle. I already have my suspicions that Green Arrow’s defection to Amanda Waller is part his own plan to take Waller’s operation, and this seems to add some evidence for that.

I also like seeing Jai playing a major role in this story arc. He sometimes gets overshadowed by Irey as bit, but he’s definitely in the forefront in this story. And thanks to time-travel shenanigans, so is his baby brother, Wade.


Unfortunately, Irey has been relegated to a very minor role in this story, and doesn’t even appear in The Flash #10. Not even in the scene where nearly the entire Flash family comes to Barry’s aid.

But at least Jai seems to being drawn as more or less the appropriate age. Which brings up another problem I have with Spurrier’s run so far. At the end of Jeremy Adams’ run, Irey and Jai (and Maxine Baker) were all 8 years old. So, at the start of Spurrier’s run, they should still be 8, or maybe 9 at most.

The Flash #10 - DC Comics News

Negatives Cont’d.

However, we have seen a number of instances where they appear like and behave like teenagers. Maxine and Jai have gone on a date, Maxine has a part time job, and both the girls have a surprising amount of breast development for 8-year-olds/ DC has had a terrible track record for artificially aging children characters to teenage status, just because the writers can’t figure out what to do with preteen character.

DC, please just let the kids be kids and stop giving them the Jon Kent treatment, already.

The Flash #10 - DC Comics News


Overall, I am enjoying Spurrier’s new direction, but I wish I could say I was enjoying it anywhere near as much as I enjoyed Jeremy Adams’ run. This story would have made for an interesting companion title or maxiseries, but I am not convinced that DC taking Adams off the title was the best move. Spurrier is doing a decent job,  was one but Adams was absolutely nailing it.



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