by Kate Kane
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Aquaman and the Others is a mystery solving issue with Aquaman and his team trying to figure out the real intention of the Mayhem. But behind the curtain something isn’t all that right on either sides of the playing field.

7Dan Jurgens gives us another slow issue with loads of talking and not too much action. The fact that this comic is called Aquaman and the Others, we rarely see much of the leading man which just makes this issue incredibly dull. I think it needs a strong leading Superhero to give this comic a good kick. I know story is important but there is sometimes too much of a good thing.

2Lan Medina continues the amazing detailed artwork that has been associated to Aquaman and any issue he appears in. Coupled by Matt Milla, Gabe Eltaeb and Allen Martinez, the stunning visual quality in each character really makes the differences between them stand out. Milla and Eltaeb capture amazing amounts of color, packing in dark shading against the bright purples, greens and red of the Mayhem team.


1Besides the artwork being incredibly advanced and detailed, I loved the small moments of banter between the Mayhem team. It seems like they are not taking the spotlight in this comic especially Cheshire who has really shinned in the new role. As much as they are very unknown characters, they all have been given very unique personalities and seem to get along like a dysfunctional family which is always entertaining to read.


6With a heavy story, I find that the issue drags on. It’s a lot of reading and a lot of talking for one story to handle. I was hoping for some more investigation and some depth to the issue as well as clarity to what is going on with Prisoner of War. It seems like all he does is go off the deep end and then come back to reality. I hope that the story comes together more quickly and we stop reading two different story lines.


Aquaman and the Others could be under attack from their own members as two of the team go rouge. Was this part of Mayhems plan or just a lucky roll of the dice? Stay tuned to see if Aquaman can pull his team together stop the rag-tag villains from becoming dangerous.




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