Review – Secret Six #01

by Renee Montoya
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Writer: Gail Simone

Cover Art: Dale Eaglesham, Jason Wright

Pencils: Ken Lashley

Inks: Drew Geraci, Ken Lashley

Colours: Jason Wright

s6 001

One of the most anticipated returns is the Secret Six.  We have some familiar faces from the first run in Catman (Secret Six), Black Alice (Secret Six, Birds of Prey), matching up with characters from the New 52 in Strix and Ventriloquist along with some names not so familiar, Big Shot and Porcelain. The six find themselves in a box with a floor that can make them all dance, 6 masks and a question that needs answering or one will not survive.

s6 003


As always, Gail knows exactly what she is doing as a writer.  Her style pulls you in fast, sets a good pace and has you frustrated at having to wait a month for the next piece. She knows how to get the reader connecting to a character which makes this an easy read.

s6 002


The art just felt wishy washy. The colours are dull and just seem to be tones of one colour per panel. The only panel that was vibrant and clear was the masks. It may be that that was the intentions of the artist, but without knowing for sure it just doesn’t stand up to the artwork of other titles currently out.

s6 004

Final Thought

I have been hanging out for this since the moment it was announced. A HUGE fan of the previous Secret Six, I couldn’t wait to open up this and see what Gail was going to bring. I saw familiar faces, excitement building and then I saw a lack of faces that I had grown to love. The scandal about Scandal is that there is no Scandal. No Knockout, no Jeanette. I know this is a new series, so I knew new team members were coming. I found very similar character placements though. Jeanette doesn’t wear panties, nor does our new silver haired member. Deadshot…Big Shot.  A striking brunette with short hair and an alternative lifestyle feel.  I wonder if these similarities are deliberate teasers or just another side step in a cleverly crafted mind who loves to drive her readers around the bend before giving them a taste of something an then sending us on a whole different direction.

Regardless, this a series I suggest you get on board with. This is only the first issue and we have no idea just what is in store. Pick it up and get ready, because we are going to be asking…

What is the Secret?

s6 005



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