Review: Grayson #5

by Matthew Lloyd
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Grayson #5. Writer- Tom King, Plot by Tim Seeley & Tom King, Artist- Mikel Janin, Colorist- Jeremy Cox.

Grayson 5 splash

All you really need to know is that Dick back hands Midnighter. That’s worth 5 stars in and of it self. Why are these folks together? It doesn’t really matter. Why are they on a plane that’s crashing? It doesn’t really matter. Dick’s easy dispatching of a whining, griping Midnighter is worth the price tag.  So much for Midnighter being a Batman analog.

Grayson 5 bitch slap

For all the tension that is built with Dick and Helena in the desert, the most important aspect of this comic is what it says about Dick Grayson as a person. He doesn’t give up. He doesn’t take crap from anyone, and he’s the toughest thing this side of Batman.  It may not be intentional, but it could be read from a meta-texual sense as a criticism on Batman analogs- there’s only one Batman, and Midnighter isn’t even close.

Grayson dessert new 2 GRayson dessert new Grayson 5 finale


So what happened this issue? Dick saved a baby. A baby with super-powers and the heart….. They crash landed in the dessert. And Dick Grayson was awesome. It is at this point I invite everyone to cut out the first 4 pages of Grayson #3 and send them to Seeley and King and tell them: “This is not Dick Grayson, I know Dick Grayson and this is not Dick Grayson.” Marv Wolfman just called and said, “Yes, you got it right.” Frank Robbins just called and said, “Yes, you got it right.” Chuck Dixon just called and said, “You got it right.” This issue of Grayson gets it right.

GRayson dessert new


The Positives

While I’m temped to mention the back handing again, I think it’s more important that this issue does a phenomenal job of really telling us about Dick Grayson, the man. This is not Robin or Nightwing or Agent Whatever of Spyral. This issue tells us what kind of person Dick Grayson is. (And it’s totally incongruous with the first few pages of issue #3.) Fall in love with Mr. Grayson again, this is one of those issues in which you just love the guy. Marv Wolfman, I’m looking at you.  Do I even need to mention how wonderful Janin tells this story?  That’s a ‘gimme’ every issue.

Grayson 5 finale

The Negatives

The only negative here is the ‘in medias res’ aspect of the story. You should be able to by-pass this though. There is one panel that tries to salvage this, but it’s a bit of a ‘huh’ moment.

The Verdict

Fall in love with Dick Grayson all over again. He proves in this issue why he is the heart and soul of the DC Universe. He proves why he is respected by everyone at the highest level, even Superman. Heart and Soul. Give me New Teen Titans #38 for a better story featuring Mr. Grayson. 4 and 1/2 Daily Planets.


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