Andrew Kreisberg Talks Flash Finale

by Julian Bartlett
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After last week’s episode of The Flash it seems like the past seven days have taken forever. Never has one of The Flash’s credit scenes left my mouth so wide open. Tonight, Barry Allen is finally going to come into contact with Reverse-Flash. According to Andrew Kreisberg, this mid-season finale had too many big points to hit and the regular allotted time was just not enough.


In an interview with Collider, Kreisberg had this to say about the winter finale.

“As much as this episode is the biggest action, the biggest visual effects and the biggest canvas that we’ve ever painted on, in these first nine episodes, there’s also so much heart and humor and emotion.  Invariably, some of that great stuff ends up on the cutting room floor, just simply for time’s sake.  We really credit Mark Pedowitz and everyone at The CW for being so supportive of us.  They didn’t want a single minute to get lost, so they gave us the extra time.  It really benefits the episode because there really is not a wasted moment in it.  It would have been a real shame for one of these great moments to wind up in the dust bin and not be a part of making this episode as amazing as it is.”

As far as having questions answered surrounding Nora Allen’s death, Kreisberg explained:

“We also feel that it’s incumbent upon us to reward the faithful fans enough in the show by providing some answers, every once in a while.  So, you’re going to get a couple of big mysteries solved, in this episode, but at the same time, a couple of brand new mysteries spring up.  Hopefully, people will find this a satisfying conclusion to the first nine episodes while also feeling like a springboard for the rest of the season.”


After tonight’s episode, fans are going to have to wait weeks to get their Flash fix. Yet again Kreisberg promises big things to look forward to in the future. As excited as I am to see the Reverse-Flash, Andrew Kreisberg’s words about The Flash’s return left me wanting.

“When the show comes back, we have a really exciting run.  We’ve got Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell for our Prison Break reunion.  It’s going to be the first team up of Captain Cold and Heat Wave in an episode called “Revenge of the Rogues.” He continued, “We’ll have a good portion of the Rogues already on the show, by the time the season ends.  Our hope is to build up to the full Rogues Gallery.  Aside from Batman and Spider-Man, The Flash has the best villains, hands down.  They’re fun and funny and distinct.”

Tonight’s episode is sure to bring in monster ratings and really set the tone for the rest of The Flash’s freshman season.

Watch “The Man in the Yellow Suit” tonight at 8/7c on CW

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Source: CB & Collider

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