Reunited with the Gotham team, Batman and Constantine finally begin to reveal their master plan in this week’s Injustice. Though not all teams are playing fair as Spectre seems to have gone rouge and is now working for a higher power that lurks behind the shadows.

2Finally some momentum! Tom Taylor is giving us fans what we have been hanging out for and the confirmation that yes, the Amazon Princess will return! I do love that’s she’s a bigger threat to Batman than anyone else at the moment. Sometimes a woman’s wrath is the scariest thing in the universe. With the text heavy issue, Taylor now gives the characters on the Gotham team a chance to expose the next part of their lengthy plan. It was great to see the team reunited again and it felt like the whole group was back and ready for action. You know things are getting serious when Batman brings his crew together.

4Bruno Redondo, Xermanico and Rex Lokus have graced the pages with splendor once again. These guys put a special bang into each character drawn and no matter which panel I look at everyone is just plain epic. The colors strike out against the clever contrasting backdrops especially for Spectre and Phantom Strange. I have a great fondness for how these three artists bring such dynamic characters to life and how much emotion is packed into the large panel pages.


3The way that Batman only had to look at Constantine and he confesses is priceless. I think Tom Taylor had more fun that he realized writing Constantine in these issues. The character has been a great balance for the seriousness of the Gotham team and I love the fact that he’s so blunt about everything. Also I can’t fault the artwork. The amazing color in this issue is just dripping through all these Superheros and I love that each seems to have a personal color scheme attached to them. But the best positive of all in this issue was: Wonder Woman is coming back!


6As much as this issue is a talking heavy one, the end half with Superman’s team being attacked felt a little disjointed from the story. I know Injustice likes to end its issues on cliff-hangers, but I think ending it with Spectre and Phantom Strange would have sufficed enough to fill that suspense moment.


A new player is pulling the strings from behind the curtain in Injustice. Will Batman’s plan pay off or will someone else conflict with the entire situation. Stay tuned to find out what will happen to your favorite hero’s next!




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