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A new short story from this week’s Worlds Finest as we find a bat chasing a cat and a Superman meeting a very strong woman. As the flashback stories continue Lois Lane reminisces more about the adventures of DC finest heroes.

1Paul Levitz continues his stories as he adds a bit of sassiness to the issue through a very rambunctious Catwoman.  The whole issue has a slightly cute tone to it and even Batman has a soft side when it comes to his leading lady of the night. It was a breath of freshness to see the story having these elements as well as the action and seriousness to balance the issue out. It was a really good read surprisingly as I didn’t know what to expect coming from the last issue but Levitz is doing a wonderful job in making this universe is his own.

3Jed Dougherty does it again. The artwork only gets stronger with each issue as I found myself swooning over how amazing the costumes were drawn. Sometimes it good to have a variant on the original if executed well and Dougherty pulls it off. Catwoman’s outfit was by far the best with all the intricate pieces of armor and open cowl it suited her personality perfectly. Then to transfer those little details onto the other characters, Batman’s cape piece and Wonder Woman’s helm, showed us the original characters but with a whole new personality.


4The little adventure with Catwoman was sweet. It’s nice to see the banter between her and the boys as she holds her own. It was clever writing and the authentic dialogue you would expect from someone so “catty” and yes pun intended. She tied in the story and I did love the tribute to the alternative costume which becomes Huntress’s inspiration for her outfit in their Worlds Finest. It was a good way to link to that story arc and continued the flow to the rest of the series.


5So much text from Lois Lane, it over loaded the whole front section of the comic and though it was telling a story it really was quite a chunk of red to read. The flash back concept is something that takes getting used to and if you picked up the issue without reading prior, it’s really hard to follow.


Worlds Finest stories continue to be told as the adventures with Intri plague Superman. Why is this mysterious woman hunting him and who will reveal the real truth? Stay tuned for the next issue to find out what story is next to be told.




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