Landry Walker Is Seeing Red

by Roemello Mckay
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As readers know, Charles Soule, writer of Red Lanterns will soon be signing an exclusive deal with Marvel and will no longer be the creative force behind the series. However, DC has signed on comic book writer Landry Walker as the soon-to-be writer of the Red Lanterns ongoing series, with illustration by artist Jim Calafiore.

Guy Gardner Red Lantern 1

This is not Walker’s first rodeo with DC. As he had a previous experience writing “Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures In The Eight Grade” . In a recent connection with Comic Book Resources News to discuss Red Lanterns, the writer seemed to express a love for Guy Gardner and his thoughts on whether or not Guy should still be considered a hero as well what’s to be expected from his first story arc. (See conversation below)

CBR News: “Were you one of the tens of thousands of fans who grew up reading Guy Gardner in “Justice League International”?”

Landry Walker: “I absolutely did. I read and re-read those comics until they were worn out — then read them again. In my opinion, you’re pretty much pointing to the best and most interesting incarnation of the Justice League. He’s obviously not your typical superhero, or even your typical Green Lantern. What is it about Guy Gardner that you think fans adore?”

Clearly this writer has a lot of love for Guy Gardner and is seemingly planning to focus heavily on this character and his story. With Walker’s creator-owned superhero comic book, “Danger Club” returning to Image Comics after 18 months on hiatus, it will sadly be coming to an end with the final three issues being released on January 28th, February 25th and March 25th, the same days the first three issues of Walker’s run on Red Lanterns are scheduled to be released.

 Landry Walker will begin writing Red Lanterns in issue #38 with art by Jim Calafiore on January 28th 2015.



Source(s): Comic Book Resources

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