Review – Green Lantern Corps #37

by Myke Havoc
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green lantern

Last week, we were treated to a double-dose of Godhead goodness, with the last issue of act 2 (Sinestro #7) as well as the first of the third and final act (Green Lantern #37). This week’s Green Lantern Corps #37 brings us even closer to the climax of the three month epic.

Act 3, part 2, titled Transfiguration, picks up immediately where we left off, with the surprising defection of the Indigo Tribe spelling certain doom for our other ring-slingers in the grasp of the New Gods. It seems Highfather has certain plans to take his recently acquired White Ring powered scepter back to Earth and transform all of the planet’s heroes into his minions, to fight for their side in the inevitable showdown with the forces of Apokalips.

Thankfully, the side of the New Gods themselves have one in their midst not happy with the unfolding plans, and boomtubes Green Lantern John Stewart, Yellow Lantern Sinestro and the rest of the remaining opposition to temporary safety.


The usual gang of Van Jensen, Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo turn in their usual high quality work, with fun, well-written dialogue and eye-popping art and layouts. The story moves, and quite a bit gets covered, making for a satisfactory experience.


The weakness of any 20 page comic is for the necessity of fill-in art. While some can do a decent job of aping the main team’s style so as to keep a fluid consistency, very rarely is such a feat successful. The example in this issue is no exception. While the work of Mirko Colak and Tony Avina is decent in and of itself, it does not particularly jive well with the main art of the issue, creating a jerky experience hard for the eye to miss.


Green Lantern Corps #37 does it’s job, moving us nicely along in the final act of the Godhead saga. But the usage of multiple artists takes down a few pegs what is otherwise a solid issue.

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