Injustice Comic: Enter Buccellato, Exit Taylor

injustice-comic-hdrIGN revealed Thursday that Injustice: Gods Among Us will be getting a new writer. Tom Taylor, who had penned the series since the beginning, has left and will be replaced by current Detective Comics co-writer, Brian Buccellato. DC states that Taylor’s reason for leaving the book is due to an “increasingly busy schedule.” Buccellato’s run will be starting with digital chapter #15 and print issue #8, which will be released in January.
Buccellato previously did work on the miniseries, Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion. He plans to stick to the “broad strokes” of “Injustice: Year three” with a focus on John Constantine.
Buccellato refers to Constantine as “the Batman of the magic world.”
“You know how Bats is the smartest man in the room and he always has a contingency plan? Well, so does John.

Source: Comic Book Resources