by Kate Kane
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On the edge of war Injustice Year Two is coming quickly to its end. Superman is struggling to hold his ground as the mystery behind the hooded face of Spectre becomes a grave enemy to anyone who dares stand against Superman.

6Tom Taylor has thrown us one hell of a twist with another man down in this week’s issue. With the announcement of Taylor ending his fantastic involvement writing Injustice he hasn’t disappointed fans in any way. The issue had action and those amazing plot loop holes that have become a signature for this series and make us hold our breath. Once again Taylor utilises all the characters in his deck of DC cards, playing to each and every strength that they have. This series has been incredibly well thought out and once more each part of the story lines up with the next. I had a funny feeling Superman was going to falter at some point but I’m glad it was at the hands of Batman as it was more out of respect for their friendship that he finally do the deed.

5Mike S. Miller’s, Juan Albarran and Bruno Redondo have drawn a spectacular issue with incredible panelled pages and highly detailed character expressions and costumes. Once again I’m a fan of Spectre and his bizarre hood outfit. I think his character has really stood out art wise and given a whole new dimension to the supernatural element. Rex Lokus blows readers away with his incredible color work contrasting darks with light and injecting dynamic amounts of color onto the pages especially for Supermans team. It astounds me how much detail color can add and he certainty knows how to make this comic come to life.


2My god Batman’s outfit is just epic! It was definitely a standout for the issue and I love that these artists get to play with new designs for him. I think being a story that has its own universe, all the characters needed a slight variation to their outfits and I just love what the guys have created her. He’s still dark and strong looking but doesn’t look like every other Batman on the market. I also love Lokus’s shading in this issue as well. The amount of emphasis on making these pages really jump out at the reader is what has me gripping at the pages for me each week. It’s a specular visual display of DC talent and with all the heavy action in this issue you get to see the full range of what a great artist can achieve.


3The large panels of Injustice have been the style of this comic series but I would have liked to see a balance between the large 2-3 pages with a few more smaller well-spaced panels.


Injustice has now turned the tables yet again with Batman standing at the top. It’s a hesitant time for both sides as we move closer to year 3. So stay tuned to see what is in stall for both sides and who will wake the sleeping emperor.




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