Review- BATWOMAN #37

by Kate Kane
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Batwoman for this week was thankfully plausible with our “fairer sex” hero finding her footing with Etrigan. The scenario is now playing out as to how Morgan Le Fay is resurrected and what the team of Unknowns has to do with Batwoman.

10841727_941082625909983_185103066_nThis was one of the more “tolerable” issues that I have read in the last few months.  Andreyko still treats the story with little respect and a dull attitude making Kate’s speech very arrogant and snarky.  It’s a far cry from what she used to be and the confusing plot has still not really tied into the overall story. It feels like Batwoman was just plopped down into these other characters story and has lost all momentum as her own series. With the news of her end drawing closer, I now see that this story won’t have a great ending.

10846884_941082579243321_823950907_nGeorge Jeanty has picked up a little in the issue with some great colors and nice features. Once again Red Alice is a beauty for her all of 1 page appearance but I also liked the texture in Etrigan’s skin and Clayfaces mud. It’s these small things that I would love to see enhanced for this comic to at least pick up to the standards of artwork that were expected. The colors were solid and bright and at least Batwoman had her traditional reds back reminding us of who she really is.


10866875_941082615909984_715380332_nThe few small panels that were smart I give credit too. I did like some of the moments between Kate and Etrigan but that didn’t save the comic. I was incredibly thankful that Nocturna was also put in her place. I hated that pairing with a vengeance and I’m glad that her hold has finally been broken even if Kate remains a vampire, I prefer her alone than with a mentally abusive vampire sucking her intellectually and physically.


10846708_941082585909987_1995665610_nUmm Red Alice? Where is she? The 1 page of her is just not enough of this character as I know the series is ending its sad that she too, will have to go.  With poor scripting the book losers it punch in corny dialogue and weak fight scenes. It felt like Batwoman just wasn’t trying at all and that she would rather give in than defend herself. She is scattered and just joining onto any case she can find instead of going off and fighting crime herself. Also Clayface was in space in pervious issue, now space is a freezing cold vacuum so Clayface should have frozen but didn’t. In this issue he was clearly frozen solid be extreme cold. The inconsistency with this really make me think twice about what Andreyko knows about his own story and how little he pays attention to what he has previously written.


Batwoman is now finding herself in the middle of a supernatural fight as she follows the Etrigan to save the others. I’m hoping that the team can help her in time and maybe bring her back before the end.




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