SPOILER- Wonder Woman 37 Introduces Pre-52 Character

by Alex Yarini


The Finches, Meredith and David, have just begun their run on the princess of the Amazons and they are making an impact very early. When the New 52 relaunch occurred it gave us new versions of beloved characters or ones with slightly different histories, et cetera. However there have been characters who had been reintroduced yet until very late in the game. Names that comes to mind include Stephanie Brown or Spoiler, a former Robin and Batgirl in old continuity. Wally West, the Kid Flash and later Flash of the Pre-52 who was changed from a redhead to a half-black teen.

However there had been one character in particular who had not until today been reintroduced in the New 52. One who was a Teen Titan and perhaps one of the most beloved.

And her name is Donna Troy.

For those of you who do not know who Donna Troy is, she was the original Wonder Girl and was an original Teen Titan alongside Aqualad, Speedy, Kid Flash, and of course Robin, the Boy Wonder. Later going by the names of Troia and just “Donna Troy” she has been considered to having one of the most convoluted histories as her origin was revised several times over from her creation to the New 52


The image above is the last page from the Finches’ Wonder Woman 37 with Donna being conjured out of sacrificial ceremony that was conducted by Derinoe, a mysterious sorceress who has made Amazon council. This introduction has been considered by many to be long overdue and while we’re still not sure yet what Donna Troy’s purpose will be nor do we understand what her origin will be from here on out and how it pertains to her other origins. However, we expect it to deal with Wonder Woman’s “lack” of interest in her Amazon Queen title.

Source: Comicbookresources.com

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