Harvey Bullock Speaks

nZF4IUGIn a recent Collider.com, Donal Logue, who plays Detective Harvey Bullock on Fox’s hit new show, Gotham, spoke about the success of the show, and how it has impacted his career and personal life.
Logue describes the DC Universe as “an aircraft carrier that you get to just come on. You don’t have to build this little boat to get there. It’s already there for you. You just come aboard.”
Logue says producer Bruno Heller sold him on the show, and the only way he would’ve turned it down was if Bullock was only a minor character.
The people in his life who are most excited for his role are his children.
“I think my kids are really excited. More so than the other shows I’ve been on, they’re excited about this one. That’s really satisfying, for sure.”
When asked about what famous bat-villains he’d like to see Harvey Bullock go up against, Logue decided on Two-Face. With Harvey Dent already having made an appearance on the show with some brief foreshadowing to his villainous alter-ego, there may eventually come an opportunity for that to happen as the show progresses.
On addressing critics who complain due to lack of Batman, Logue responds:
“I always think it’s absurd when people go, ‘How can you have a show about Batman without Batman?’ Gotham is plenty fascinating, Chinatown style. At the end of Chinatown, the rich get away with murder, but what a ride.”
On working with young actor, David Mazouz, who plays a young Bruce Wayne in the show, Logue says,
“He reminds us all of what we’re supposed to be doing, which is to pretend really hard that the stakes are the real stakes. He’s amazing.”
The actor told Collider that Bullock and Gordon will continue to have a “push-pull relationship.” Logue says that things will happen to test their relationship.
Gotham returns to FOX this January.

Source: Collider.com