Gotham: The Road So Far

The cast of Gotham reflect on the journey they all have embark on in this clip showcasing pivotal moments in the first half of Season 1 of the series.

New Characters

From Fish Mooney to Oswald Cobblepot, the season featured both classic characters and newcomers created specifically for the show. A perfect example being Fish Mooney who has received a lot of positive feedback. The show needed an immediate antagonist for the show while also giving screen time for the origin of some of the villains who will become criminal masterminds in the near future. Fish Mooney was created to fit that role, as an underworld crime boss, cunning and resourceful, with a growing lack of trust of the people in her surroundings, for obvious reasons.

Glimpse into the Future


Edward Nygma, with his scientific expertise and a taste for riddles, this version of the character works for the GCPD.

The season gave us a look at psychopaths like Copperhead, a trained assassin with superhuman flexibility of sorts. Other dangerous criminals like Victor Zsasz where spotlighted. Victor was sent by Falcone to bring Gordon to his presence, which the villain did by entering the GCPD headquarters at gunpoint, threatening every police officer inside. Recent conflict with his peers, caused Gordon to be abandoned by fellow officers and confronted Zsasz by himself. Zsasz did not manage to capture Gordon at first, but succeed in killing a female officer. He then cut a mark in his arm, where we saw previous scars that symbolize more victims….familiar?

Several characters acting as comedians appeared and will continue to appear, according to the writers, teasing the eventual appearance of Gotham’s Joker sometime in the future of the series.

The Balloonman, who we all know is Gotham’s version for an early Dr. Pyg, received an episode focused on his actions as a vigilante. Seeing how he failed as one, he is soon to become more dangerous than a vigilante, not only targeting criminals – if the shows bothers to develop him more, that is.

Selina and Bruce

Batman and Catwoman

Perhaps the least expected relationship was between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle – well not THAT unexpected, what was a surprise, is how much it developed during the season, not only as a subplot but rather as an A-plot, from which diverse subplots emerged: Copperhead’s involvement, Bruce’s first steps on Gotham’s streets, search of the Wayne’s killer and hints at the passionate but distant relationship they will both share in the future.


gothamThe increased rate of criminally insane in Gotham forced – sort of, the reopening of the asylum. Tampered proof against Dt. Gordon caused him to be expelled from the GCPD, and received a transfer to work as a guard inside the asylum.

The Arkham Asylum did not only reopen during Season 1, but it will also play a big role in the events to come during the rest of the series.

What do you think of the journey so far? What do you expect from stories to come? Is this what you expected from a series set in the early years of Bruce Wayne?


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Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio Jose Chavez

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