Review – Supergirl #37

by Renee Montoya
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Writers: Mike Johnson, K.Perkins

Pencils: Emanuela Lupacchino

Ink: Ray McCarthyay

Colourist: Hi-Fi

Cover Art: Emanuela Lupacchino, Tomeu Morey


Supergirl, has returned to her education, only it’s not on earth, it’s a ship called Crucible. There the cream of the crop from many different worlds are brought together to be trained, educated and moulded into the best they can be. Like any school however, Supergirl still feels like she doesn’t belong.

Teamed up with Maxima, an antisocial redhead, Tsavo, ruled by his emotions and sporting fur, and Comet, a vain peacock with smarts, Supergirl and her team are thrown into the deep end. It’s time for her to sink or swim.



The art work is definitely a plus in this. Beautiful clean lines, strong colour and capturing emotive moments, this art team did a fantastic job.



It has a very community college vibe. Predictable.


Final Thought

The school is very stereotypical in the “clicks”. There is always some handsome arrogant boy, a misunderstood and deeply emotive guy, I dread to use the word, Emo. There is always a beautiful girl with a need for an attitude adjustment. Our hero is the “new girl” who has to undergo the usual trial and tribulations to fit in. very cliché. Hopefully this will pick up and get more in depth as the school has some serious potential. At least it’s not overly “teenage, preppy and selfie obsessed”. Supergirl takes her studies with some seriousness which I really enjoyed.

I would give it a few more issues to really warm up.




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