Review – Harley Quinn #13

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Writers: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti

Pencils: Chad Hardin

Ink: Chad Hardin

Colourist: Alex Sinclair

Cover Art: Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts

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Harley Quinn and PowerGirl continue their battle from issue #12. Every step of the way Harley waits for the final jolt that will return PG’s memories, including that the new dynamic duo aren’t exactly bosom buddies.

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The writing is just hilarious; the amount of sexual innuendo and suggestiveness that Harley bats for both teams is very much at the fore but does not over take or stops the actual storyline from being there. A Fine line is balanced and maintained and that takes clever writing. The Art is beautiful, rich in colour and the images clear.

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No negatives for this issue.

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Final Thought

This team is comic magic!

The puns, the sexy humour, the gags and the sassiness is a real breath of fresh air among the overly dark and heavy plots and art that is being thrown out of most DC titles these days. This issue had me laughing over and over again. Most sexy joke will go over the heads of younger readers so I would be quite ok handing this to my 12 year old but still brilliant for mum and dad to read. The costume surprise from Harley is exactly what I would expect from her while still being a surprise.

This is definitely a stocking stuffer, a late present, any excuse get your hands on this!

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