Review – Batman Eternal #38

by Renee Montoya
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Writers: Tim Seeley, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV

Pencils: Andrea Mutti

Ink: Andrea Mutti

Colourist: Giulia Brusco

Cover Art: Tommy Lee Edwards

be 005

This time in Batman Eternal; Poison Ivy trick Bane with her usual “charms, Catwoman has a little catnap with Killer Croc standing watch over her. Batman is working his way through the Arkham Asylum escapees and poor Gordon is offered a few “perks” that we all know Jails are famous for.

be 004


This has a nice splitting so that you can see events happening at different location within a single issue rather than just following one person each time. This allows the reader to keep tabs on all the characters and minor story arcs within the main story without getting lost. It’s also given us a sense of time.

be 002


The cover art while being detailed just was so dark and the “brush stroking” just wouldn’t make it standout on the shelf at my comic book store and just wouldn’t grab the eye enough to make you want to pick it up unless you were already collecting this series.

be 001

Final Thought

I really enjoyed that we spent a little “down time” with Gordon. It means we can connect with him and it allows us to see that despite the situation his base character and own sense of morals means she is steadfast in what is right and wrong and that he will not drop to a level that is unbecoming of the Police Commissioner of Gotham. I really enjoy reading about the Gotham Police and how they function in a world with metahumans.


Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. I suggest you go grab the new big Volume that contains #1-#21 if you are new, catch up and come for a rather different ride.

be 003



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